Wednesday, February 10, 2021

is the dam finally breaking?

Here in South Korea, regular citizens have had access to only one diet soda for years:  Coke Zero.  As of a couple weeks ago, however, a new diet soda had appeared:  Pepsi Zero Sugar, Lime Flavor.  Today, I went down to the convenience store and was bowled over to see yet another diet drink:  Chilsung Cider Zero.  Is this some sort of statistical fluke, or am I witnessing the beginning of a welcome trend, i.e., the proliferation—at long last—of diet sodas in South Korea?  Has the dam finally broken?  Can I expect to see my beloved Diet Dr. Pepper soon?  How about Diet Mountain Dew and Diet Fanta Orange?  Is it too much to hope for my favorite of all the diet drinks:  good old Fresca?  

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