Thursday, February 25, 2021

an NK defector talks about her experience in America

Imagine being so utterly wrong about America and having the courage to admit how wrong you are.  Now compare that sort of courage to the cowardly, stupid, stubborn, and delusional behavior of the American left.  

Here's a North Korean officer who defected from North Korea, came to America, and discovered firsthand that everything she had learned about our country was a lie.  Now think about the lies that the American left tells itself in a gutless effort to block out the truth.

Pay special attention to what the lady says at 7:27.  The American left—the extreme wing of it, anyway—would like to make us into North Korea:  weak, starving, and ineffective.  What would this former North Korean soldier say about America's current leftward lurch?

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John Mac said...

This is spot on and very captures the same "America bad" indoctrination taking place in our universities and amongst the left. But I repeat myself.