Sunday, February 14, 2021

new channel: Young Americans Against Socialism (YAAS)

Morgan Zegers is a young lady on a mission:  to combat the pro-socialist propaganda that has influenced America's youth to the point where a majority thinks socialism is something the US ought to be trying on a large scale.  To this end, Zegers founded YAAS, a.k.a. Young Americans Against Socialism.  Zegers's YouTube channel pumps out short videos that feature either Zegers herself talking about the ills of socialism or interviewees who have escaped from countries with centrally planned economies and totalitarian government.  Below are some YAAS videos that I've watched.  As I said, each vid is short, so feel free to browse them all: it won't take you very long.  (I also watched all the vids at 1.75X speed, making them even shorter.  Hey, we're living in an era of sound bites.  Sue me.)

"Currupts"?  Okay... someone needs a proofreader.

And while we're on the topic of socialism, here's Part 2 of John Stossel's series debunking five myths about socialism (Part 1 is here):

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