Monday, September 27, 2004

blogroll surgery

There are a few blogs I've been wanting to add to my sidebar. I didn't want to add them until I had proper sidebar images crafted for them, but today I decided to slap them on, anyway. Check the sidebar out. If you're one of the people to whom I've written re: adding you to my sidebar, and you don't see your blog there, give me a holler and I'll rectumify the situation.

My policy remains: you're on my sidebar because I read you, not because I'm into mutual blogrolling. I see no purpose in adding you to my sidebar if I don't read you regularly. My judgement here is obviously subjective; a perfectly likable blog might not make it onto my sidebar for reasons that have nothing to do with nebulous concepts like "quality." Non-listing is NOT an indictment against you. For all I know, I might be blogrolling you later. There are unblogrolled people who read my blog; there are blogs I read whose owners haven't blogrolled me. No skin off my balls.

Adding blogs to the blogroll gets more difficult as time goes on, because I make an effort to read my blogroll regularly. I used to be able to get through them all on a daily basis; that's no longer possible. As with anything that starts to grow too big, clumping (in the form of blog classification) begins to occur. The Koreablogs now are divided into Old Tigers and Noble Hwarang. The distinction doesn't necessarily reflect how old the blogs are; it's more a reflection of how long I've been reading them, or more precisely, how recently they've impinged on my consciousness.

By adding links without sidebar pics, I've given myself another art project. Over the next couple of months, once I'm established in my "permanent" apartment, I'll be crafting sidebar pics & you'll notice how the look changes over time.


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