Saturday, September 18, 2004

sidebar woes

[see UPDATE below]

If you're HTML-savvy and want a crack at solving my current-- and unexplained-- sidebar problem, gimme an email. This shit happens periodically, and I never understand why.

UPDATE: Blinger writes--


I'm not seeing any problem with your sidebar. I'm using firefox 0.9.3 and everything looks the same as always.


I'm not seeing the problem from my current PC-bahng (one I don't usually use), but I saw the problem yesterday, and the Maximum Leader saw it from his Villainschloss. Hmmm. Part of what makes this problem vexing is that it seems to be more browser-related than anything inherent in my own blog. This has always been the case.

For people who don't know my sidebar's history: on occasion, I've had days where the sidebar, in part or in its entirety, will simply disappear from its usual spot. I'll scroll down and find that it's been bumped below my blog's main text. It's almost as if the sidebar had "swelled" beyond some maximum permissible width-- or maybe the main text column had "swelled" and pushed the sidebar down. Either way, it's damn annoying.

What I'd like is that magic line of HTML that strictly (and permanently) defines the width of my sidebar as 250 pixels-- no more, no less, EVER. Right now, it's defined in terms of a ratio (70% main text column, 30% sidebar, I think), which is normally fine, except on those occasions when everything goes haywire. I still have no clue why this happens. It may simply be one of those unexplainable Blogger quirks.


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