Sunday, September 05, 2004

Yeah. Right. (and other news)

They say we're close to catching bin Laden. Again. Is this the long-predicted October Surprise? If it happens, I'll be happy as hell. But if it happens right before the election, I'll be happy and suspicious.

Teresa Heinz-Kerry reinforces my gut feeling that she's a drama queen. She'll get my immediate sympathy if she collapses and starts fountaining blood from her ears, but not before then. In the meantime, she simply represents the Democratic version of Big Money to me.

I think America needs to start thinking about how healthy it is to have, in essence, a two-party, two-ideology system. Current polarization is huge evidence in favor of my contention: it bespeaks a scary lack of diversity at the national level. Too many people marching in lockstep.

NB: The above three paragraphs aren't necessarily connected. In case you were wondering.


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