Sunday, September 19, 2004

a hint of stinks to come

One of our EC colleagues is going on vacation, which means the rest of us have to cover, in turns, her shift. This coming week, we'll all be working one 12-hour day (instead of the usual 8-hour shift). My day is Monday. Then on Tuesday, I have to hit the Immigration Office in the afternoon to pick up my passport.

All of this translates to the possibility of lighter-than-usual blogging this coming week, followed by a blizzard of religion-plus-obscenity when the Chusok weekend begins: I'll have five days off, Saturday through Wednesday.

If I'm not mistaken, I start working a block shift in November. I'll also be ensconced in my "permanent" apartment by then, and will have reestablished my DSL service-- an automatic savings of over $100/month for yours truly, as I'll no longer be in thrall to PC-bahngs. This means YOU'LL BE GETTING PICTURES AGAIN.

My new lab coat arrived on Saturday. The boss herself put it on me with a big, evil smile on her face. I'm pretty sure that she (along with the entire office) knows how much I hate the idea of wearing a lab coat. It's a degrading charade that serves no marketing purpose. Even my students have complained about the coats (which are known, in painfully emasculating Konglish, as "gowns"), and while my coat does serve to guard against the freezing A/C, once the A/C goes off, it's too hot to wear, as I quickly discovered.

The lab coat stayed on my back for 40 minutes before I had enough and took it off. If this means I'm no longer eligible for raises and such, then so be it. They pay us peanuts as it is, and the "bonuses" I've heard about don't sound like much. We'll see how the boss reacts when I'm still not "coated" come Monday.

Also on tap this week: I've been re-reading parts of S. Mark Heim's Salvations: Truth and Difference in Religion, and have found a rather crucial section deserving of extended critique. Sometime this week I'll blog on it.

And now, friends... back to the laundry.


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