Saturday, September 25, 2004


A very interesting website featuring a Moroccan artist, Ahmed Laarissa, currently in Korea and married to a Canadian, who works in a traditional style called zouaq. I noticed his site counter showed not even 300 visitors as of today, so I thought I'd try to help send some traffic his way. If you see something you like (whether you're in Korea or elsewhere), think about helping the artist out. His work is gorgeous. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to catch the Korean eye-- I heard from one Korean co-worker that zouaq looks "too busy." This struck me as strange, since Korean Buddhist t'aeng-hwa (you probably know it by the Sino-Tibetan designation tanka or thangka) are pretty busy, too. Laarissa has, in fact, been doing some painting inside Buddhist temples-- the kind of interreligious effort that gives me a bit more faith in humanity.


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