Tuesday, September 21, 2004


I'm not sure how I missed this post except that I've been too damn busy to think. Thanks, Mike. Yes, the Maximum Leader's right: buy my byproducts or suffer my ass-wrath.

The illustrious Todd Thacker of OhMyNews writes in to remind me of this masturbation classic: Please. Think of the Kittens.

The indomitable Justin Yoshida provides a hilariously entertaining shit-related link.

My morning teaching partner, J, told me something one of our students said in her class: "Our friend had a birthday and we blew the cake together." That's right up there with one of my favorite classics from the mid-90s. I was dating this one girl, a Miss Lee, and had to turn her down for lunch one day because I was sick as a dog. "Okay," she said, "Maybe some other time we can eat each other." It's nice to know that Korean speech errors, in English, seem to gravitate towards oral sex.


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