Wednesday, September 22, 2004

check out my sidebar now

If my sidebar looks OK to you, it may be because I isolated the stupid-ass Blogger quirk: if you make a long URL that's longer than a single line of text into a permalink that's of the same length (i.e., you basically see an underlined URL), Blogger prefers to widen the main text column instead of "wrapping" the linked text down to the next line. This causes corresponding shrinkage of the sidebar.

So, at least for now, my problem appears to be solved. I went back to the Yoshida Factor post and changed the links to read simply, "Link 1," "Link 2," and "Link 3." On my current computer (I'm at a PC-bahng), the blog's sidebar looks the way it should. If you're still seeing sidebar weirdage, please write in.

Many thanks to the people who wrote in with helpful suggestions, and to those who've volunteered to poke around my HTML. There are treasures stored up for you in heaven.


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