Friday, September 24, 2004

birfday shout-out to J

Yet another J in my life is J the Mystery Woman. I've corresponded with her for several years (we "know" each other from back when we were both hanging out on AOL) but have never met her in person. She has a sense of humor honed by years in the medical field, and even when she's down, she's positive. I'd love to meet her someday, but she's Way Over There and I'm Way Over Here.

I told J that I might write her a birthday poem, but she suggested one of her own:

i once was a young
girl with anti-gravity
tits. Now they're dorsal.

To which I respond:

all is emptiness...
find truth in this moment, girl!
swaaaang dem saggy tits!

Happy Birfday, J. May salacious angels pinch and twist your nipples excitedly for hours on end.


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