Saturday, September 25, 2004


Dogs can apparently smell cancer. Or so it's said.

...And that's it for this Saturday edition of the Hairy Chasms. I got a note from the Maximum Leader asking me to change my blog's banner back to the old, innocuous image, but the blog ban is still going on. The usual suspects remain banned from the office at EC (they were tantalizingly available for a short time one day last week); sorry, my friend, but the banner stays. Not to worry, though: to reflect the situation more accurately (i.e., the fact that the ban has largely been lifted), I might create a sidebar image to serve as a constant reminder of the lingering ban, and change the blog banner to something a bit more... palatable.

Probably a drawing featuring lots of snot.

I leave you with this link: Crapwoman, a parody of Halle Berry's "Catwoman." Watch out for pop-up ads, though. Maybe you're safe in the States, but here in Seoul, I was assaulted by five or six of them before I could see the animation.


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