Sunday, July 09, 2006

all is well with the tech

Update: YouTube works fine from my office. Check out this dude's series of impressions. Not exactly a howler, but when the guy gets to his Arnold Schwarzenegger bit, there's a cool surprise at the end.

Also: I have successfully installed Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 onto my computer at work! Triomphe! This will make Photoshopping faster and easier, since my office computer, old though it be, blows away my rickety Mac in terms of raw speed.

Coolness all around.

Now if only I had a scanner in this office...



Sean said...

scanners can be had at Yongsan for around 100,000 I believe or you could check for a bargain.

Kevin Kim said...

One of the sad ironies here is that this tech-happy nation charges entirely too much for new products. I bought my kick-ass Canon scanner in the states for $60, US.

Bargain electronics always worry me: I've had bad luck with almost every single "refurbished" or "used but like new" doodad I've ever bought-- both here and in the States.

I'll check the auction site and see what's up.