Thursday, July 13, 2006

silly reasons not to come to class

I've heard the "it was too rainy" excuse a few times, but this morning, when I asked one student why she didn't show up yesterday, she groaned, "I got to the main gate and up the first set of stairs, but I couldn't cross the plaza because there was too much water there."

Yesterday, the morning downpour had overwhelmed Smoo's overworked and inefficient drainage system, and the concrete plaza had indeed been flooded with about two inches of water. I simply trudged through the wetness, and saw plenty of students doing the same while wearing only sandals. I guess, for some students, two inches of water is the same as two inches of lava.



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Sean said...

She's looking your not teaching credit classes. When students give me lame excuses like that I roll my eyes and mark them absent.

Can you say "princess"? I knew you could.