Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ave, Naked Villainy!

A belated Happy Blogiversary to my buddy Mike's blog, Naked Villainy, which turned three a few days ago. Many blogs are roughly the same age, having been started up in the wake of the Iraq war in 2003. Mike's blog is, to my mind, Tacitus for people who drink, and I mean that in a good way. Political discussion on Naked Villainy can be serious, like the discussions on Tacitus, but they also tend to be more relaxed because Mike's blog, which quickly morphed into a group blog after its inception, is a hangout for longtime friends. The fact that those friends range from very conservative to very liberal gives Naked Villainy its unique odor. Give Mike's fine blog a visit (the three-year retrospective is a good place to start) and pay proper tribute to your Maximum Leader. I think he'd appreciate naked photos of you if you're a hot chick. Just don't insult Jennifer Love Hewitt in front of him.


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