Thursday, July 13, 2006

the Mumbai bombings-- ignored?

A post at BoingBoing asks:

Why are US blogs ignoring Mumbai?

According to that post, there are good reasons to pay attention to what's happening in India:

US political bloggers paid lots of attention to the Madrid 3/11 bombings and the London 7/7 bombings. Now Bombay is attacked by terrorists -- similar methods, similar scale -- and barely a mention.

Doesn't this story have important ramifications for American foreign policy? If the attacks were mounted by a Pakistan based organization, it could move two nuclear countries closer to an armed confrontation. If it was mounted by Al-Qaeda, that would be significant as well. And no matter who was involved, another attack on public transportation is important for domestic debates about anti-terror funding.

Weren't bloggers supposed to be way ahead of the MSM? In this case at least, they're way behind.

I'll go down my blogroll, which contains a decent balance of lefty and righty blogs, and see who's been covering the bombings.


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Maven said...

Sometimes I wonder about the culture of fear we currently are in at the moment. Sometimes I wonder if we get jaded or desensitized to tragedy? Perhaps that's the reason for the lack of blogging re: the Indian bombings?

I will tell you this, that every year thousands, if not tens of thousands of Indians are victims of terrorism, particularly in the area of Kashmir; yet, we hardly hear anything of that.