Saturday, July 29, 2006

bazaar images

Five of the six ladies in my class who showed up for the bazaar (sorry I didn't get a pic of you, Brandy!):

And now: some of the brush art that didn't get sold.

First up, we've got a reprise of the Wonhyo painting:

Next, some bamboo. I learned this technique from a former student of mine. She made me a bit of brush art and it's hanging on the wall in front of me, in my office. When I look at paintings, I almost always try to figure out how and why the artist used certain brush strokes.

Next, we've got Batman.

The fourth painting is a cartoon Dalma Daesa:

Finally, my favorite: a crazy horse. I'm actually quite happy this one didn't get sold. I'd love to own a horse that has this one's goofy, good-natured, slightly manic personality.

You can see, in the first image, how rainy it was outside. I was surprised we had as many customers as we did.

Our next bazaar will be in the winter, probably in January. See you there!


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