Thursday, July 27, 2006

bazaar aftermath

First-- a shout-out to Hairy Chasms reader Chris, who stopped by today and had his picture taken with me. I look forward to receiving the pic by email, so I can Photoshop Chris out and replace him with the image of Emmanuelle Chriqui (shrieky? a commentary on how she is in the sack?). Chris has special-ordered a snake painting from me; I'm as curious as he is to see how it'll turn out. I'm not sure whether Chris is mulling over buying Scary Spasms in Hairy Chasms (not a single copy of which I managed to sell today)... he didn't seem too enthused about the prospect of owning a volume of sexual and scatological cartoons, poems, and short stories. Chris lives in Japan, but spent a lot of time in Korea and speaks Korean.

My students redeemed themselves by showing up more or less on time and participating in the bazaar with something approaching seriousness. Well, check that-- the bazaar is supposed to be a fun event, and to that extent the students did have a ball, especially the ones who were the least financially productive: our nail-polish-and-love-advice contingent. Those girls also decided to offer free hand massages (kinky!), and I got a double massage (yes: two girls did me at the same time) just before the bazaar ended. Those were my first hand massages; without going too deeply into why, let me say that... I highly recommend the experience. Highly.

The nail-and-massage girls made barely W1000, I think. The girls who were selling drinks made around W2000. My Chinese student fared better, selling a very delicious Chinese-style pork jerky for W500 a pop; I think she must have made about W5000 in all. Next up was my student JK, who bravely made crêpes until she ran out of batter and filling. Her efforts raked in about W7000, and her crêpes became the talk of the bazaar.

We made a total of W34,000, which means my brush art must have covered the remaining W19,000. I tried selling the art at W3000 per piece like last time, but my shoppers this time were mostly Korean, which meant I had to put up with people who made faces and complained that W3000 was too expensive. Like the whore I am, I lowered my price for the Korean crowd to a truly buggered W1000 per piece. And then the art began to sell. One of my students spoke up in my defense, noting to one customer that W3000 was already cheap-- precisely what I'd been thinking. Her argument didn't impress the customer, however. In any case, I sold 19 pieces, many of which were requests made on the spot.

Some of the students had to leave right after the event, but I hit a local restaurant with five of the remaining girlies a bit before 4pm, and as it turned out, our "linner" cost us exactly W34,000. There was much rejoicing at this.

On the whole, a very good day, and a good time was had by all.


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