Tuesday, July 04, 2006

setting up (audio)blogging for students

How'd you spend your July 4th?

I'm still in the office... must mean I'm back at work, eh?

Am currently wrestling with the massive fuckup that is Microsoft, trying to figure out why one can't simply go from Point A to Point B when setting up audio recording software (Sound Forge, Switch, and Wave Pad-- trial/demo versions, all) on a Windows platform. My supervisor actually spent about an hour with me trying to set things up... you'd think it would take only a few minutes, but even my supervisor, who knows her way around a wide variety of software, was occasionally at a loss for what was going wrong.

Assessment of the first day of class: actually pretty good, though I sweated like a champ during my first class, which was horrifying to me-- we're talking darkened pits, shoulders, and back. I won't be surprised if half the class drops out just because they're scared of their teacher. Good thing I used deodorant, or it could've been deadly.

Sweated less during the second class, but that class is already giving off a distinct Lack of Dynamism vibe: the collective energy was sorely lacking. I expect major hits in attendance from this group (Level 1 conversation).

My third and final class of the day, an advanced-level intensive course, was marvelous: the ladies attacked the Lifeboat Problem (blogged about it here) with zeal, and that took up most of the class. I expect this will be a great group.

All in all, a crazy-but-good first day. We'll see if we can't get the second class more motivated, and try to keep up the momentum that's apparent in the first and third classes.

All for now. Many thanks to the people who sent blogiversary wishes. The big THREE!

[NB: At Sperwer's suggestion in the comments to this post, certain references have been removed. Those of you who noted them before their removal: exercise discretion.]


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Sean said...

use audacity" it's open source and easy to use and there are tutorials on the site as well.