Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ave, Sperwer!

Sperwer's Abs at 55 campaign continues apace. Check out his triumphant update regarding the disappearance of mantits and the iceberg-like reemergence of actual pecs.

Also of note to fight choreography junkies out there: Sperwer has a set of posts featuring samurai fight scenes. Check those posts out here and here. The post titled "More Swordslinging Videos" features a samurai film dubbed in French. In case you're wondering what the dialogue is, it goes like this:

Samurai hero(?): Reste là. (Stay here.)
Astonished Onlooker: Ça, alors! (Whoa!)
Old Samurai (last to be killed): Attends! Attends! (Wait! Wait!)
Samurai hero(?): C'est fini. (It's over.)

Pretty deep, eh?

In addition, Sperwer introduces us to the tragic world of the clay samurai here. Another post features some fascinating video footage of katana versus bullet. Guess which instrument of death gets split in two.


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