Sunday, July 23, 2006

Smoo BAZAAR: U R invytid

This coming Thursday, July 27th, you are cordially invited to stop and shop at the Smoo English Student Bazaar, which is held every summer and winter term as part of the intensive English program. It's especially important for you furriners to show up and speak Englishie with our students; the bazaar's primary purpose is practicing English, not making money.

As always, different classes will be offering different goods and services. Our group will-- barring sudden changes in plan-- be offering the following:

1. Nails and Love Advice! Sit a spell, get your nails done by one of our undergrad professionals, and learn how to catch a man or improve your sex life!

2. Ddeok-ggoch'i! Chewy, finger-shaped rice cakes spitted on long toothpicks, painted over with a delicious sweet hot sauce, and grilled to tasty, street-foodish perfection!

3. Crêpes! Thin French pancakes cooked before your eyes, then stuffed with your choice of filling and topped with whipped cream!

4. Chocolate-covered fruit! Strawberries and bananas covered in a delightful chocolate glaze, chilled and sold fresh!

5. Kevin's art! You've seen my mutant brush art on the blog, but now's your chance to meet the artist (wannabe) and buy an original work! I'll be selling some pre-made pieces directly; other pieces will be reserved for a Silent Auction (winners notified at 2pm)! (By the way, I've occasionally had requests for portraits... lemme tell you, portraits and caricatures don't come easily to me. If you ask me for one, I'll see what I can do, but don't be surprised if your "portrait" ends up looking like someone else. The best portraits and caricatures I've done have taken a lot of time, and have been based on photos.

6. Chinese beef jerky! Our Chinese student has a stash and she'll be selling it in pieces. Get it while it's... dry!

7. The Diet Coke and Mentos Rocket show! It'll last all of thirty seconds, but promises to be spec-dingle-damn-tes-tacular. Mentos-powered diet soda shooting five to eight meters in the air! The custodians will all be in a tizzy trying to figure out how to clean the mess up. This event will happen a few minutes after the Silent Auction finishes-- say, 2:15 or so.

Other classes will be offering cool stuff ranging from food to fortune-telling. Much ass will be kicked.

The bazaar begins at 1pm on Thursday, the 27th, over at the Smoo Social Education Building, First Floor lobby. Smoo is centrally located in Seoul; you can walk to our campus in ten minutes, either from Line 6's Hyoch'ang Park Station or from Line 4's Sookmyung Women's University Station (exit 10... when you get to the top of the stairs, do a U-turn and follow dem signs).

I hope to see yo' foreign ass there.


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