Monday, July 10, 2006

Audioblog 6: clear your mind

Metal chopstick on metal rice bowl, the latter sitting on a little raft made of cinnamon sticks. Awesome sound, but turn your volume three-quarters of the way down: the record level was, once again, set too high. Click the audioblog image below and enjoy.

I occasionally think about starting a little meditation group at Smoo, and when I do, I always think of this sound. That, and the sounds of the chukpi and the moktak. I'd like to bring this little setup to school and use it there to signal the end of a meditative session. It's calming. For me, anyway.


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Maven said...

That sound reminds me of the only musical accompaniment, if you want to call it that, for my wedding to Mr. Nugget. My cousin (the nun), brought a Buddhist prayer bowl, and clanged it a few times to silence everyone and to signify the beginning of our wedding service.