Tuesday, July 25, 2006

the big fizzle

I had wanted to show my students the glory that is the Diet Coke and Mentos Fountain.* I bought a 1.5-liter bottle of Diet Coke (Cola Light here, as in much of Europe) and a 3-pack of Mentos, and brought them to Smoo yesterday.

My students followed me out to the front of our building. Once everyone had gathered around, I reviewed what was supposed to happen-- a five-meter geyser of elemental Diet Coke fury!-- then unveiled the delivery device: a tube of rolled-up copier paper with fourteen Mentos candies inside. Per all the experiments I'd seen, I was to open the Coke bottle, block the aperture with a slip of paper, place the tube of Mentos over the blocked aperture, slide the paper out of the way, let all the Mentos drop into the Coke bottle, then run like hell.

I set up the Coke bottle and readied the delivery device. It was go time. Fire at will!

The result?

A fountain of Diet Coke barely a foot high. About as impressive as a Strom Thurmond cumshot. And you'll recall that he's dead.


My students watched the fizzle expressionlessly as Diet Coke gurgled lamely over the concrete and dripped into a nearby drain. The bottle did end up ejecting about two-thirds of its contents, but the reaction had no force to speak of. I was left wondering whether the Diet Coke and Mentos chemical formulae were different in the Asian market. Might the American version pack more of a punch?

No matter: the failed ejaculation nevertheless had a positive outcome: we've canceled the Diet Coke show and are planning some other activities, including a water balloon toss. This will be a lot less wasteful and a lot easier to clean up. I'm glad I did that experiment: it would have been embarrassing to put on a show only to be tripped up by chemical lameness.

We're also canceling our ddeok-ggoch'i, because one of my students has proved to be unreliable with her attendance. The chocolate-covered fruit idea appears to be another casualty as well. This still leaves us with six cool things:

1. Nails/Love Advice
2. Crêpes
3. Kevin's Art
4. Chinese Beef Jerky
5. Iced Tea/other cold drinks (a new addition)
6. Water Balloon Toss

My colleague A will be offering the following:

1. Limbo Contest
2. Tetris Tournament
3. Kart Rider Tournament (a video game, in case you're wondering)
4. 5-Minute Beauty Salon (yes, among A's students is an actual pro)

I have no clue what the other three teachers will have on offer, but I imagine it'll rock and roll. So come on by. The necessary info once again:

WHAT: Smoo English Student Bazaar
WHERE: Social Education Building, First Floor Lobby
WHEN: Thursday, July 27th, 1:00pm to...?

COST: Will vary according to what you buy and what activities you participate in.
WHY: To give our students a chance to meet people and practice their English in a fun setting.

We hope to see you there.

*Plenty of vids available on YouTube and Google Video. Also check out the Eepybird.com video.


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