Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ave, Nathan!

A cool rant over at Seoul Hero, part of which complains about the prevalence of Koreablogs that use "Kimchi" in the title. Some attempts at justifying such silliness can be found in the comments appended to the post. One commenter rightly notes that far too many Koreablogs also feature the word "Seoul." I'd add that most of those "Seoul" titles are truly godawful puns.

I haven't checked the Koreablog lists, so I don't know whether the following, equally cringe-inducing "Seoul"-themed titles have been taken:

Fillet of Seoul
Black as My Seoul
Calloused Seoul
MC Seoulaar (a pun off the '90s French rapper, MC Solaar)
Buddhists Have No Seoul (and neither do you)
Bowlful of Seoul
I Seouled My Seoul
Good God, What's That on My Seoul?
Asseoul! (or maybe "Fucking Asseoul")
The Adventures of Han (韓) Seoulo
Universal Seoulvent
I'll Swallow Your Seoul (for Bruce Campbell "Evil Dead" fans)
Floundering in Seoul
Seoulettes Go!
Seoulong, So Firm
Seoulick Me
O Seoulo Mio
This Is Seoul Aim
All Seoul's Day
Your Immortal Seoul
Seoul Lap Stick
Libel and Seoul Lander
Tierra del Seoul
Honda del Seoul
Seoular Cell
Seoular Wind
Itchy As Seoul
The Marmot Seoul

Did you like that list of groaners? No? They gave your perineum hives, you say? GOOD! Looking at your "Seoul" title does much the same to me!

There are a couple "Seoul" titles I find cool. "Seoul Hero," for example, is a clever tie-in with Joseph Campbell. The name "Seouliva" makes me laugh every time I read it. There's hope.


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