Tuesday, July 25, 2006

the rumor

Given that I am known throughout the Googleverse as the Kevin with the largest penis (see previous post for my bona fides; it occurred to me that the search string might mean not so much that "Kevin has the biggest dick" as "Kevin is the biggest dick"), it seems oddly appropriate that I would learn today of a year-old rumor about me. The rumor has been circulating among my students for God knows what reason: "Kevin has an illegitimate teenage son in Korea, and he's been secretly teaching him English." This had me rolling. I told my students I'd like to encourage the rumor.

And little do my students know... I've got kids all over the damn globe. Most of the people on my blog's sidebar were sired by me. For a long time, people have wondered what rhyme or reason lay behind my decision to blogroll some people and not others. Well, now you know: if you're not on my sidebar, I'm probably not your father.


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