Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ave, Bill!

A very, very, very disturbing piece by Bill Keezer. Depending on where you are on the political spectrum, you might view his essay as right on the money, far too alarmist, or perhaps too timid in its predictions. No matter your politics, I hope you'll visit Bill's fine blog and give his essay a respectful reading. If you are inclined to comment, I'll ask you to leave your comment with Bill.

By the way-- while you're there, you should take some time to read his other essays as well. Mr. Keezer is a deep and thoughtful gentleman, both a scientist and a man of faith. He leans unabashedly rightward, but as he says, he's not opposed to civil discussion with people of different points of view. In that sense, people like Bill and the more left-leaning Maven both shame me, because I don't exactly roll out the welcome mat at this blog. Both of them welcome anyone to their cyber-doorstep, and give everyone they meet the benefit of the doubt. True, Bill's and the Maven's blogs are like night and day in terms of style, subject matter, and tone, but more hospitable blogs are hard to find.


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Maven said...

Thank you for the high praise! I always think you're the only one who gets me, and is able to both appreciate the poop humor/absurdism and get on to the more meaty subjects!

PS: Oh-so-glad you turned your comments section back on!