Saturday, February 24, 2007


Many thanks to Charles and his lovely wife Hyunjin for a wonderful day spent at the fortress. I had a great time watching "Donnie Darko," prepping fondue, and helping a bit in the preparation of salad and the choucroute alsacienne, a dish that ended up as more of a choucroute allemande as we departed from the recipe, faute d'ingr├ędients. Hyunjin had also made a luscious chocolate cake for the occasion, and that was the perfect way to cap a most entertaining afternoon and evening.

I'm stuffed to the freakin' gills and quite unable to move. I also have to take a dump, which means I'll probably just shit in my bed after I fall asleep.

Remember this ditty from 2004?

my bed is my bedpan
I use it at night
I fill it with gusto
then turn out the light

I love the smell of kraut farts in the morning.



Maven said...

Viva la choucroute fartiste~!

Charles said...

Helping a bit in the preparation of the salad? The salad was all you, man. So was the fondue, as a matter of fact. All told, I think you did the lion's share of the work.

Anyway, it was loads of fun, as usual. I did so much eating last night that digesting everything has wiped me out. I've been lying in bed watching football all day.