Saturday, February 10, 2007

the greatest chili dogs ever

You missed them, and now they're gone.

I had some gyro meat (marjoram-spiced beef and pork) left over, so I doused it with some of my home-made taco sauce, piled on even more paprika and chili powder, added a bit of water, and started cooking. A minute or so later, I took out the cooking scissors and cut me up some fresh green gochu. Into the mix it went. On top of that I added a nasty glob of my sriracha sauce. I wasn't seriously planning to eat twelve-alarm chili, though: I deliberately over-spiced the mix because of what I was going to do next-- namely, add a can of pork & beans and a can of (extremely bland) Hormel chili. The result was middle-of-the-road perfection: well on the spicy side, but with added volume thanks to the Bland Canned. Perfect for a nasty, low-rent chili dog.

Having only pita for bread wasn't about to stop me; I used up my remaining tzatziki on the pita rounds, sprinkled the remaining feta on them as well, slapped fat hot dogs on top of the sauceandcheese, then poured on the chili.


And that, ladies and gents, is how to get rid of leftovers.



Jelly said...

I miss your camera!

Maven said...

Tell me, honestly, did the resultant flatulence sound like THIS?

PS: I have nearly all the same components here at home: pita (albeit pocketless, ala naans), Shofar franks (only Kosher dogs will do), tzatziki (from the middle-eastern shop!), feta. Only sadly I lack the chili! Alas!