Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ave, Skippy!

Skippy has two must-reads: his compassionate-- even touching-- take on the late Anna Nicole Smith, and his most recent post, which takes journalist Ellen Goodman to task for heedless moral equivalence in saying that global warming deniers are like Holocaust deniers.



Maven said...

Without having read Goodman's bit, what's to be taken to task for? Deniers are liken to deniers, regardless of what they are denying. And there is something to be said about the WILLFUL and WANTON abandonment of the welfare of EVERY human being, and eventual annihilation of the human race.

Yeah. I'd say it's a fair analogy.

Maven said...

I'm wondering why the Ad Council doesn't bring back those ads from the 1970s, which featured Chief Iron Eyes Cody.

I think it'd be cool as a nod to retro-ism, and also would drive home the point that we are WORSE off now than we THOUGHT we were then.

Kevin Kim said...

I would say that calling someone similar to a Holocaust denier is a deep insult, because Holocaust deniers are a particularly filthy sort of scum. As Skippy points out in his post, it makes all the difference in the world as to whether one is talking about the past or the future. You can't lie about the future, but you can lie about the past. As for global warming, there's still plenty to debate in terms of actual causes (simply saying "humans did this" is too vague) and what action to take (i.e., we have to be sure we don't institute measures that damage the environment further).