Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the final lap

A week of cooking awaits me. Today (Tuesday), I'm doing one last round of student interviews and administering a final exam. On Wednesday, I have another jjong-party for my Intensive 3 class, for which I'll be cooking... something. On Thursday, I'll be cooking food for my Greco-Roman Mythology class (no lamb this time; I learned my lesson). On Friday, I'll be making two things for my final session of the English Circle: Nigella's chocolate mousse, and taco salad. The English Circle girls will be making Vietnamese spring rolls, which ought to rock. The idea is to do all of this in class, and then chow down on the food as our reward to ourselves. Then, on Saturday, I'll be hitting Charles's fortress and we'll be doing fondue moitié-moitié and choucroute alsacienne. By Sunday, assuming I'm not dead of a heart attack, I'll be the new Year of the Pig poster boy, lying bloated and helpless in my bed. YES!


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