Thursday, February 15, 2007

mentioned in the same breath with The Yangpa?

Behold [edited for grammar]:

Girly stuff, gossip, and other bits of gab. About beauty, fashion, and glam sensibilities. No wonder they've gotten such a hostile reception. They're writing to a group of mostly Korean or white male news/politics/cultural critics and wannabe wonks (I'm one of them), who only define "good" blogging as geo-politically weighty, [or as being] about acceptable aspects of Korean ("high") culture, or [as having] to do with history, [or as about] being a GI, or [as] otherwise [engaging] in sophomoric (but I'm not saying bad, with tip o' the hat going to Big Hominid and The Yangpa) humor – or [about engaging] in ogling of all types, whether it be "Girl Wednesday" or [as incessantly linking] to racing girls [and] porn layouts from sports newspapers with the all-enticing disclaimer "not work safe."

I am happy to be among the good-- in scare quotes-- bloggers, but I'd much rather be known as one of the evil-- in scare quotes-- bloggers.


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