Saturday, February 17, 2007

vive la musique!

Courtesy of my brother David: get a load of the beatboxing flute player, Greg Patillo! In this video, he's doing a remix of the "Inspector Gadget" theme song. YouTube hosts a few other vids of him doing tunes like "Sesame Street" and "Mario Brothers." Amazing stuff. That poor flute does get a little drool-covered, though.



Sperwer said...

Interesting. Reminded me of John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers 1969 album "Turning Point" on which there were no drums, all the percussion being provided by Mayall and one of his sidemen as what was then known as "mouth percussion".

I still have the album. I'll have to dig it it, fix the old turntable and check it out. Naw, probably, just leech the songs on Soulseek.

Mayall provided the start for a lot of great musician, including Eric Clapton, John McVie and Mick Taylor. Jonny Almond, I think, was the horn player on Turning Point.

Here's a cut from a '60s documentary about Mayall and the BBs. Note, especially, how the camera zooms in the wall mirror to which is attached a calling card (!) of the Chicago Plastercasters, if you know or can imagine who they were.

There's also a Korean connection. Mayall served in The Commonwealth Division in Korea.

Thanks for the memories.

Maven said...

Oh. My. God.


I'm googling like made to find out where he'll be next, I'd gladly make the trip to NYC to see him. Hell, I'd gladly pay some hard earned to buy a CD of his material.

Did you check out all of his stuff?

He's like McFerrin with a flute...