Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ave, Robert!

Robert writes an excellent little post pooping on Prof. Rhie Won-bok (Lee Weon-bok) of Meonnara, Iunnara fame. My own posts on the subject are here and here. Be sure to check the links to the other blogs I've mentioned; they've been covering this far better than I have, and Dr. Hodges has even received a threat for his coverage of the issue. I wouldn't worry, though; the threatening party appears to be a mental midget. Undeterred, Jeff has more coverage here.

As I've said before... Korea's in the grip of two paradoxical urges: the urge to remain a hermit kingdom or frog in a well, and the urge to be a global player. Something's gotta give, and in my opinion, that something is the eremitic impulse. Korea won't be able to shut the voices out for much longer.


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