Friday, February 23, 2007

in a rush + bleh = bleh

I'm now officially sick. While I've had minor bouts once or twice this semester (nothing to prevent me from teaching; I haven't missed a day yet), I'm now in the grip of whatever beast I've been holding at bay for the past two months. Sore throat, stuffy nose, and fever-- that's where we're at.

I've got one last student party to do (gotta tear outta here and go shopping), and I need to visit a travel agent about a plane ticket to the States. I'm also prepping for a long Saturday out in the boonies with Charles and his jip-saram ("house person," i.e., wife-- but I think Charles says he's more of a house person than she is). Much to do, and waking up at noon hasn't helped matters.

I'm getting better at using my new/old digital camera, by the way, and I hope to have pics for you sometime this weekend or early next week. (As the blonde chick might say: I've got to wait for the film to develop.)



Sperwer said...

It's the hwangsa; it's getting to me, too, and I'm now as healthy as the proverbial horse.

Jelly said...

Are you feeling any better? I hope so!