Wednesday, February 14, 2007

the end is nigh

Tomorrow is the final day of Freshman English. The intensive class continues next week, but I'm throwing two jjong-parties tomorrow. The first class will feature an American breakfast (eggs, sausage, bacon, pancakes, milk, juice, fruit), and the second will be all about fettuccine alfredo with shrimp (plus salad and fruit).

It's going to be hectic, because we're also supposed to be viewing the film projects. Students have driven themselves crazy trying to meet tomorrow's deadline; in fact, I'm still waiting to receive films from two of the four groups. I imagine they'll be emailed to me sometime around midnight.

This weekend, we celebrate the Lunar New Year, so Seoul will empty itself out as people trundle toward their hometowns. We have Monday off; I'll probably just collapse this weekend, except during my much-anticipated lunch appointment with that force of nature otherwise known as Sperwer.

The week after that, I'm anticipating an Alsatian-style luncheon with Charles and his Missus. By "Alsatian-style," I don't mean that we'll be slaughtering and eating an Alsatian (though that wouldn't bother me a bit). No: we'll be munching on choucroute alsacienne, which we'll make on site based on a recipe from my French buddy Dominique. It's going to be an all-day affair, this. Charles is currently snowed under with work, so it's very kind of him to allow my hairy self on his premises despite his full-to-bursting schedule.

And now... time to go shopping for some damn FOOD.



Anonymous said...

Hey man, you know that any time you feel like making the trek all the way down here, you are more than welcome.

Good luck with your parties. Try not to break too many young hearts--if it's not already too late.

Maven said...

Hmmm, be sure to photo blog and put up a recipe for that choucroute!

Maven said...

BTW: A rostii would be lovely as a side dish for that... and dessert would be?

A Riessling for dinner, and a lovely Gerwerstrameiner would be lovely with dessert... an apple kuchen perhaps?