Friday, August 21, 2020

all the Biden dirt at your fingertips

I don't normally read or link to the Victory Girls Blog, given the often-stilted, often-breathless writing style, but this post is good enough to deserve bookmarking—not because it's artfully written, but because it's a clearinghouse of links to all the shit the Biden family has been up to over the past year or so. The post is a reminder of just how incredibly dirty the Biden family is. Beau Biden, the dead veteran, may have been the only good egg in the bunch, and he's gone. That leaves Hunter Biden and his Alzheimer's-ridden, handsy father Joe, not to mention Joe's cynical and quietly plotting wife Jill, who is doing her best to surf Joe's coattails right into the Oval Office, where neither of them belongs.

Look at this paragraph, which is a smorgasbord of links:

Now, remember that poor, broke Hunter has had a tough few years. First he lost his brother, and then was “in a relationship with” his brother’s widow (which Joe and Jill approved of), then got a woman pregnant who ended up suing him for child support (herein [lie] his claims of “poor” and “broke[,]” which are quite dubious considering his magical resolving of a tax lien recently) while dating his sister-in-law (which led to them breaking up), and then ran off to marry yet another woman and get HER pregnant. All while ducking and dodging questions about just how much money he made off Burisma and his trading on the Biden name for his entire life.
I'd rewrite the above paragraph to make it clearer and less unwieldy, but you see what I mean about what a trove of links it is. Much of the article is supported in the same way by a mass of such links, so yes: I'd strongly recommend giving this blog post a read. It's good to remind ourselves of how disgusting and dirty the Bidens are; Trump might be dirty as a businessman, but despite faux scandal after faux scandal, he hasn't been found guilty of one iota of political malfeasance—not by any legitimate investigative team (and even the dirtier investigators came up with nada—so what does that tell you?). The Bidens and the Clintons represent mephitic dynasties that need to be burned out if the Democrats are to proceed with any integrity at all. Take a flamethrower to anyone with even a trace of Biden (or Clinton) DNA, I say.

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