Monday, August 31, 2020

me 51 toodaie

A tasteful pic of candles and cake:

And then there's yours truly:

Older, but no wiser. Certainly no wiser than last year, although I think my 51-year-old self would have something to say to my college-aged self: Get out there and take advantage of all that your lovely campus has to offer! Do more than just hang around in your apartment! Apply yourself more to your studies! Listen to, and talk with, your professors! Learn to budget your time and your finances! Figure this shit out early instead of allowing yourself to become not the sum of all your choices, but the the sum of all your mistakes. Wise up, get off your ass, live life, and for God's sakes, ACHIEVE something!


Frank said...

Happy Birthday!

Kevin Kim said...

Thanks, Frank!

John Mac said...

I want to have that conversation with the high school edition of me. Short version: Get a haircut. Join the Army. Wear a condom.

Hope you had a great birthday!