Wednesday, August 19, 2020

the NYPD makes AOC PO'ed

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dislikes the notion of a union taking sides in an election. The NYPD (approx. 35,000 strong and composed of at least five unions) just came out big-time for Donald Trump, who is clearly the law-and-order president, and AOC is unhappy. Here's the news that sets AOC's teeth on edge:

AOC, you should keep in mind that the National Association of Letter Carriers (a.k.a. the NALC)—the nation's largest postal-workers' union with nearly 300,000 members, making it almost nine times the size of the NYPD—came out loudly in favor of Joe Biden. This shit happens all the time, dimwit. Learn your history before opening your canyon-sized mouth.

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