Sunday, August 30, 2020

"the Iron Range": your new political term of the day

Tim Pool, in the past couple of videos, has been flinging around the term "Iron Range," a reference to a geographical area with a certain voting bloc. The Iron Range has become significant as a bellwether for how the November election is going to go. Composed largely of working-class unionists, the Iron Range voters have been vocal, since the advent of the riots, about voting for Trump. In the video below, Tim Pool goes into some detail over who these Iron Range folks are, where they've traditionally stood, and where they stand now. I see parallels with the so-called "Rust Belt Revolution" of 2016, in which working people in the Rust Belt concluded that the Democrats had done little to nothing for them over the years, so it was time to try something new, i.e., opt for Trump. In terms of racial strife and division, something like this revolution is also happening: Trump's support in the black communities is around 36%, which is astronomically high for a Republican. A sea change in thought is happening as more and more people become disenchanted with liberals, the left, and the Democrats. And in places like Wisconsin, the Iron Range is now activated and may do some serious damage to Joe Biden's electoral prospects.

An even deeper dive into the Iron Range is here:

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