Monday, August 24, 2020

Sunday's walk

Met up with my buddy JW for a walk out to the Jamshil Bridge and back. JW lives in Samseong-dong, and I live in Gaepo-dong, so we elected to walk from our respective residences and meet near the confluence of the Tan Creek and the Han River, right where the drive-in movie theaters are. I left for our 7 p.m. meet-up a little after 6; JW left his place around 6:20. He had bought a new pair of running shoes, so he ran to our meeting point and got there early. I lumbered up to the spot about five minutes late thanks to a bit of a miscalculation in terms of step count and walking speed.

There were plenty of people on the path; JW marveled at how crowded it was. I'd say about 60 to 70 percent of the walkers and bikers were masked up; South Korea is freaking out because of a sudden spike in coronavirus cases over the past couple of weeks, so everyone was walking around with a slightly chastened air. I was resolutely unmasked; wearing a mask while outside for a long walk is irrational to me.

JW was charmed by the nighttime scenery as we approached Jamshil Bridge; he took out his cell phone and started taking pictures to make his family envy him; I was inspired to take out my own cell phone and take two shots, which you see below:

That's JW below, almost in the center of the photo (dude standing on the left, not the right):

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John Mac said...

Beautiful. That's what always impressed me about Seoul--a huge city but always places to go to find some tranquility. I miss it!