Monday, August 17, 2020

when even Obama fails to support you...

Tim Pool talks about how Barack Obama is supposedly trash-talking Joe Biden behind closed doors. Personally, I'm skeptical that Obama would be dumb enough to make volatile comments that would be easily leaked to the public, but Pool's assessment of the situation is still worth listening to:

Pool remarks that the Dems are utterly fractured these days. The analogy isn't perfect, but this strikes me as a mirror-image repeat of Obama's victory in 2008, back when the GOP had begun its own disintegration. After eight years of party unity under George W. Bush—a unity that the left interpreted as "scary" because of the degree to which various elements of the right marched in lockstep—the party fell apart when it had no one of significance to carry on Dubya's dubious tradition. The Dems were fairly solid under Obama, but once Obama left office, whom did they have left? Hillary? We see how that went. And now Senile Joe?

As the old chestnut goes: history doesn't repeat, but it rhymes.

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