Monday, August 31, 2020

more evidence of a coming Trump victory

Here's Tim Pool on the latest data supporting a Trump victory:

I've seen people refer to a "margin of fraud," i.e., a vote-numbers hurdle that must be overcome for Trump to clinch a decisive and inarguable victory. Fraud is on everyone's mind at this point, with both sides convinced the other side will definitely be cheating. It's enough to make one wonder whether this will be the last election in which anyone places any trust in the electoral system. That lack of trust is not a good sign for the nation as a whole.

Thought experiment: let's say Trump does indeed win. He'll be a lame duck for four years, but he'll also be in a position to say, "I just don't give a fuck." Is this going to be the moment when the mask comes off and Trump starts cracking down on all the current strife—not just in terms of rioting and looting, but also in terms of everything else of an anti-Trump nature, i.e., lying journalism, deep-state activity, academic leftism, and all the rest?

If Trump's presidency has revealed anything, it's how deep the rot in American culture goes, especially with so many institutions having been taken over by the left, with its nihilistic roots in Marx, Nietzsche, and postmodernism. There's so much that needs to be fixed, and a vast swamp that must be drained; this is a project that will span several presidential terms, and even while the cleanup operation is going on, there's a good chance the right might get infected by the very rot it's trying to burn out—if it hasn't already been infected.

The future is, if nothing else, going to be very interesting.

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