Tuesday, August 25, 2020

the #WalkAway stories keep on coming

This may be the best public service I've done on this blog: informing my audience about the plethora of folks, mostly black, who are now part of the #WalkAway movement, leaving the liberals, the left, and the Democrats en masse. The leavers don't all become Republicans or conservatives, but they all utterly repudiate the slave-owner ideology of the Dem-left side of the aisle, which prefers to keep them in mental chains. This is why black members of #WalkAway refer to their own movement as "walking away from the plantation." This is a kind of self-liberation for them, and God bless 'em for it.

Here are two more #WalkAway stories:

These stories are always encouraging to hear. I hope this continues.

ADDENDUM: here's another really good one:

The video's title may seem misleading at first, but keep listening, and you'll be rewarded.


John Mac said...

I love these stories because they reaffirm and reassure me of the common sense of the common people. If I relied on my Facebook feed as evidence of the basic intelligence of many Americans I would be in a state of constant despair.

Perhaps there truly is a reason for hope.

Kevin Kim said...

There's more sanity out there than one might expect.