Wednesday, August 26, 2020

it's official: Tim Pool takes a stand

As Tim Pool himself notes, people jokingly or scornfully refer to him as a "milquetoast fence-sitter" for his inability to take a clear stand on the matter of voting for Donald Trump. Pool has tried for a long time to cultivate the image of someone who values truth and facts, but who also tries to be fair-minded and balanced in his opinions. But anyone who has followed Pool for a while knows that, little by little over the past few months, the self-identifying liberal has been leaning more and more Trumpward. In the video below, Pool has finally reached the tipping point and is now officially declaring his intention to vote for Trump.

I have to say: this video practically had me cheering at points—not because Tim had finally declared himself (I think most of us knew this day would come, so it's not that surprising), but because of the values that he finally expressed as he read aloud from Trump's proposed second-term agenda, most of which Pool agrees with. Pool and I agree that terms limits for Congress are a huge item: I don't know Trump's details, but I'd say that a maximum of two terms should be enforced for both houses of Congress. Allowing politicians to become career politicians is utterly unhealthy for the country, not to mention unhealthy for each respective party. This is how swamps and deep states are created. The crusty layer of older members of Congress who cling to the Capitol like disgusting, desperate barnacles needs to be dispensed with as soon as possible. As Pool notes, it'll be hard to get Congress to sign off on such a self-limitation, but maybe there's some clever way for this to happen.

Pool says that, overall, he heartily agrees with Trump's second-term agenda (watch the video to learn about the rest of it), which is a hell of a lot better and more substantive than anything to come out of Biden's camp. Biden, to the extent that he's still conscious, has become a slave of the far left, and since it's likely he won't survive his first theoretical term in office, we're essentially staring down the twin barrels of a Kamala Harris presidency, which would be a nightmare. My congratulations to Tim Pool on finally achieving clarity. I can tell he still wants to hedge and hesitate, but over the next several weeks, he'll start to feel firmer about his decision to out himself as, finally, a Trump supporter.

(Nice comma splice in your thumbnail, Tim!)

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