Tuesday, August 18, 2020

powerful campaign ad

Saw this on Instapundit—a campaign ad with the tone of the walk-thru scene early in "The Matrix," when Morpheus is walking Neo through a city scenario involving a woman in a red dress and a suddenly appearing Agent:

Last night, I sat down and watched "Uncle Tom," executive-produced by libertarian Larry Elder (review pending). Some of the themes explored in Elder's documentary can be seen above. I'm also very thankful to Instapundit: Glenn Reynolds is the guy who has been relentlessly hammering away—for years—at the notion that almost all the shittiness you see in the States today can be found in Democrat-run cities. In other words, it's Democrat policies that have brought us to this miserable pass; it's Democrat policies that have directly led to the mass exodus we're now seeing from our larger cities. Granted, conservatives in the 'burbs and the countryside are none too happy about the influx of left-liberals: the arrival of the blue-state voters means a purpling of their own region, and the eventual loss of all the things that make a red-state area a good place to live. It's not obvious that the people fleeing the cities understand that they themselves have been the cause of their own misery this whole time. This unawareness is the very danger that conservatives fear. But at the very least, the word about Democrat policies is finally getting out, and at the very least, black folks—if no one else—are finally listening. Next step: pull yourself out of the mire, my friend, because that's the only true path to self-respect.

The left doesn't want to face the reality of what happens when you shit on the ground and roll around in your own feces:

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