Monday, August 17, 2020

smash burgers: from decoherence to recoherence

So I had myself a nice pair of smash burgers last night.

I butter-toasted the buns...

I heated up the meat using a newly purchased ring mold to keep the crumbled pieces of smash burger together...

I cheesed up the burger so that the melting cheese would act as a sort of glue to keep the burger fragments more or less together after ring-mold removal...

For whatever reason, I stacked the proteins differently on each burger: in one case, I went bacon-on-top; in the other case, I went burger-on-top. Below, left: bacon on top. Below, right: just bacon. The burger hasn't arrived yet. VoilĂ :

Here's that second burger, steaming away:


At last, the burgers are side by side—one with bacon on top, the other with bacon on the bottom. We're now ready to put on the tomato and lettuce.

Final product: homemade smash burgers with thick-cut bacon, lettuce, and tomato, on homemade hamburger buns:

Some of the best dang burgers I've ever made.

Smash burgers do tend to fall apart, which is what prompted me to go to Daiso and find some kind of ring mold into which to pack the crumbly burger meat. The ring mold I ended up getting was cheap and flimsy; I'll be buying better, sturdier ring molds soon. (The little bit of green that you see in the above photos is the ring mold's silicone-coated "handle," so to speak. The tiny bit of silicone does little to protect your fingers from the heat of the metal after the mold has been on the frying pan for a few minutes. I had to jury-rig a tiny "oven mitt" to protect my fingers when handling the mold; I did so by folding up a ripped-off corner of a thick paper-towel sheet.

The burgers really did taste amazing, and I'll be having my final two burgers today, along with my duck BLT later this evening.

The South Korean government gave us working stiffs the 17th off as a way to make up for August 15th's being on a Saturday, so I'm in my apartment, banging away at my keyboard.

I'll be making another batch of rolls soon so I can take some duck BLTs to work tomorrow.

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