Sunday, August 16, 2020

glorious buns

This is my third or fourth batch of buns made from my buddy Charles's fantastic recipe, which Charles wrote in a clear, idiot-proof manner so that morons like yours truly could follow along and at least pretend to bake bread. I'll be making another batch on Monday because I want to foist my own version of a BLT on my boss and coworkers: in this version, I replace bacon with thin slices of smoked duck. I find the results fabulous, but I'm curious to know what my colleagues think.

Here are some pics of the new batch of buns and two of the duck BLTs I ate after midnight:


John Mac said...

Ducking around in the kitchen again, eh? Those actually look quite tasty but I'd have never thought of making a DLT. Wish I could try one!

Kevin Kim said...

I wish you could, too! They're delicious.

Charles said...

Don't sell yourself short, man. Baking is really just a whole bunch of practice until you get things right. I merely saved you a little time along the way.