Sunday, August 30, 2020

surreal and hilarious because opaque

Japanese humor, sketch 1:

According to a comment by someone conversant in Japanese, the conductor is on the phone, arguing with the wife he's going to divorce. When the Shiba flips the lever, the conductor switches to the microphone and blandly announces the station's name. Several puns are involved, as well as culturally specific humor. At the end, the conductor apologizes to the dog and explains he's arguing with his wife.

Japanese humor, sketch 2:

In the above video, the student is talking to his samurai master, the Shiba Inu who trained him. The student wants to strike the master down but proclaims he cannot because the master projects an aura, as if he can see behind himself. The student, unable to deliver the killing blow, picks his master up. The master's head flops backward, and the student cries, "So that's how you see me?"

It's all very surreal.

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