Friday, August 28, 2020

CNN mocked for "fiery but mostly peaceful" lie

Kenosha, Wisconsin, is in flames because police shot a black man several times in the back. The man, Jacob Blake, was reaching into his SUV for a knife when police shot him after having repeatedly ordered him to stand down. The Photoshopped parodies of CNN's lying coverage of the ensuing riots were quick and brutal.

Here's the original image that set off the parodies:

And here are two of the parodies:

The left's claim is that Jacob Blake is an innocent man shot in cold blood (he's still alive, by the way, despite about seven rounds in the back). Blake is nothing of the sort. Police confirmed that he was reaching for a knife, and the man who filmed the incident even confirmed that officers were shouting, "Drop the knife!" at Blake when he ducked into his vehicle. See more about the real Jacob Blake here. The man is a piece of... work.

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