Monday, December 13, 2004

400 pages

I'm diarrhetic where it counts.

Did a lot of work on my manuscript over the weekend, and it appears I've typed enough religion-related material on this blog to fill over four hundred single-spaced 5x8" pages using 12-point Garamond Condensed font.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to generate book material-- for any kind of book, be it religious or humorous or both. I don't think I've produced enough humorous writing to put out a sequel to Scary Spasms in Hairy Chasms, but I'm seriously contemplating bulking up the original book with some extras-- sort of a Scary Spasms version 1.2: Evulsed Eyeballs and Cat-clawed Testicles effort, if you will.

The upcoming religion book, which still doesn't have a title, won't be available until sometime next year-- early in the year, I hope.

Four hundred pages. Hypergraphia. Am I epileptic or something?


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